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enter telex

As you may or may not remember, last week I mentioned Telex, a e.maga.zine that a great team of Abbott, Wallflower, and myself are hard at work on, well I made a mistake, forget about an early July release date, expect it to be open under beta status within a month. After that happens I'll be able to get some much needed sleep. Maybe.

Once again theres nothing too major going on right now in my life, but one thing I though I'd bring up is my web design company techno logic is finally a registered company, complete with a post office box, and a checking account, so I thought I'd make a top ten list...so here it goes.

Top Ten Signs You Are Addicted To Your Computer

    10. Sitting at computer for countless hours is actually considered constructive.
    9. While driving, you think you hear the infamous "uh-oh" of ICQ
    8. Only 20 minutes to live...better email everyone
    7. Your name is Little Devil, and you consider yourself a player.
    6. You buy clothes for your computer.
    5. You feel bad about leaving your computer home alone.
    4. When having troubles logging onto your ISP, you go into epilectic seizures.
    3. You get drunk from passing imaginary beers around the chat room.
    2. You print out pictures of your online friends and put them in a locket, or wallet.
    and the number one sign that you are addicted to your computer is...

    huh? you thought it was gonna be that easy? no way! its up to you what the number one answer is gonna be! email me with your answer. the one i like the most will be posted right here next week! until then...have fun!

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