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messin wit yo head

Well this week I was thinking, what can I write about?

The party I went to on Friday night answered that question, and one quick shout to my main man Greg Opalka: (you may know him as seven)...hey man you were damn right about that jolly rancher/ zima combo! rock on!" Also I'd like to give a shout to "BIG sexy" Johnny D for throwing one hell of a wild party. And Jessica, you know why I'm thanking you!

On the Telex front (telex is a music magazine, being put together by the genius squad, of which i am a member)....things are going very well, and with most of the inside work, and writings put together, work has begun on a shell...or design layout, and moving pretty fastly. As of right now, there is no release date set, but it should be before July..

Okay, now on to my point...oh yeah....there isn't one.

There doesn't always have to be one...

Someone told me they noticed thier was a subtle reference to them in last weeks article, well...u were right, there was! *duh* And to everyone else who doesn't know, Wendy's Honey Mustard that they put on the sandwiches is different from the Honey Mustard they give u in the packet. *inside news*

Okay, syxx has gone clueless. But he likes it that way.

Well, I just wanted to give an update...but as always, keep on shouting, partying, working, chatting...well, keep doing what you do, but stay true to what u do.... Because it'll help u keep your sanity, unless you can afford mental help....if you can't afford mental help you should ask NSGee.

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