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Before I even get started with this one, let me apologize for the lack of articles from yours truely recently, as you can see I have been extremely busy, not only with this site but another one that I have been working on. Now on to the good stuff...

First let me start off by introducing you to syxx's scanning service, I just got a scanner and well, I've noticed that everyone wants to put thier picture on the internet, so they can email them to friends, etc, etc, so all you have to do is email me and I'll give you the details, so I can put your pic on the net, completely free of charge.

Okay, now that i've gotten that out of the way i'm gonna talk about the many references to millenium on the centurychat message board, it seems that someone posted on how some of the content here was full of grammatical errors, personal view is as follows:

"thanks for sharing your opinion, keep reading and keep responding!"

I'm just glad people read this zine, and care enough to share a personal opinion. It makes me happy! I try my best to bring more people here, and when someone cares enough to share thier millenium experience, it truely touches me! and really it should make every writer happy, it shows that thier work is getting noticed.

Okay, I've only got one more topic here and then I'll stop rambling. Wired Magazine. This is the greatest magazine in the world and i'm just suggesting that everyone go out and buy it, also keep an eye out for telex zine...its coming!

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