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Obsessive Compulsive? Some people think when you have a passion for something you are obsessive compulsive. I personally beg to differ, I consider it a fetish, where am I coming from? Let me explain.

The Internet, pretty much, for a lot of people is a FETISH. Spending a large part of their day surfing and chatting, and reading , and doing well... some pretty unmentionable things online. Take for example a girl that I work with, her name will remain untold for now, but the other day she was telling me how she met a homosexual man online, by doing that she fullfilled one of her fetishes. As she, for the longest time wanted to be freinds with a gay man. She fullfilled that fetish in a safe, healthy way.

Now, to me. I admit that I am a internet freak, 100%. And well, for the first time the internet has paid off for me, at least in terms of monetary amounts.

What am I getting at you might ask? When I started millenium, It quite frankly looked like garbage.

No Content.

No Style.

And No Visitors.

Now, At least I'd like to think that it has all of that, and more. And for that I owe you. Each and every one of you. Why do I owe you? Because every one of you has helped fulfill one of my fetishes. I just hope I can return the favor.

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