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spring time

We are having the most beautiful weather here right now! The snow is gone, the sun is out longer and the wind is cool, not icy cold. I even got out my spring jacket and wore it to school today. Spring is coming, and I'm really looking forward to it.

Spring is a rebirth, a new beginning. In my opinion, the year starts when spring begins. All the snow is gone, that sand is left from the plows, I leave the windows and the door open and I wake up to sunshine. New Year's should be celebrated in March, not January, month of sleet and ice

Spring is change. I've already made some changes. I wasn't going to, but I forced my self to go for it. The first is that I am going to participate in World Vision's 30 Hour Famine, from noon on April 3rd to 6pm on April 4th. Two hundred and fifty students from my school, including a few of my friends and I, are going to go without food for 30 hours to raise money for World Vision Canada, and children in third world countries. I will be sure to write all about it once it is over.

I was also asked to join my schools SchoolReach team, a competition for highschool students on general trivia. I was going to say no, because I don't think I'm that good at triva, but it is all for fun, and I want to try something new. I went to a practice today and answered a few questions right, and a few questions wrong. The only problem I have with the team is that everyone laughs when you get the wrong answer. Not exactly a comforting and supportive environment. But I'm going to do it. Why would be asked if there wasn't some hope I would enjoy it?

I also made a "spring resolution" not to be stressed so easily and to relax! I'm doing some meditation and doing things I WANT to do every day. It will soon be the weekend and I plan on spending at least half of it relaxing and spending some time at the mall with my friend Sam.

Spring brings a renewal of my optimism. The days are sunny, the days are warmer and the days are longer. Everyone loves Spring and it's new beginnings. So go make some Spring Resolutions and try some new things like I am. I'm sure you'll be proud of yourself just for making the effort.

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