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Friday Night

k. i live in a pretty small town. theres like nothing to do here. i don't know how many other people live in crapass towns like me, but, i thought i'd let all you "city folks" know what a friday night is like in my little town.

friday night, february 20th

5:30 - eddie came over to see my new car. he came in and sat down and we proceeded to watch motorbiking on espn2 until i said "are you really enjoying this?" and of course he said no, so then we checked out my car and were standing outside talking when erin called.

6:15 - erin calls. says she's coming in to town now and wants me to meet her at tcby(we always meet at tcby). i live 13 minutes out of town and i wasn't ready to go yet. so, i got ready in 3 minutes and left for town. eddie left to pick up chris. he said they would come by tcby and for us to wait around for them.

6:30 - i get to tcby. erin gets in my car and we sit and smoke and talk about what happened during the day. erin was out of town all day, so i had to fill her in on what went on.

6:50 - still no chris and eddie, so we figure they're not coming and we leave.

6:55 - erin and i get to my dad's house. hey, free food. we eat and make fun of my sister for a while until the reality that we're with my family hits us.

7:35 - we leave my dad's house. we stop at the gas station and a really scary guy stares at us the whole time. we decide to go by the bowling alley and see if anybody is there. no one is, so we go to town and country discount foods. thats where brady works. he gets off at 8:30.

7:45 - we stop by little ceasers to see max and britt. i ask britt why he skipped speech class today. he just laughs. nobody knows where a party is. max says he'll stop by the bowling alley after work. in the parking lot i see jayme who i haven't seen in like 6 months. he has a huge amount of liquor with him, so we just say a few words and then leave.

7:50 - we get to t&c. eddie and chris are there and they're mad cause we weren't at tcby. they swear they were there at a quarter til 7. yeah, whatever.

7:55 - me, erin, eddie and chris get in erin's car and drive to pizza hut and then back to the store, just to see if we see anyone in town. we don't.

8:15 - we get back to t&c. lori is there waiting for us. she came from the basketball game. shes gonna go back to the game and then go to the dance afterwards. erin and i decline the invitiation to come along. eddie and chris decided to make an appearance at the game.

8:30 - brady gets off work. me, erin and brady go to the bowling alley.

8:45 - we get to the bowling alley. it is packed. theres like tons of little 9th graders there. we see curtis. i ask him why he decided to skip speech class today. he laughs and says he had things to take care of. we hear that 2 guys are gonna fight.

8:55 - erin brady me curtis and some other guy get in erin's car and go to this house behind dairy queen. apparently its the home of one of the guys thats gonna fight. 10 cars follow us because curtis knows the way to the house. in the parking lot we see eddie and chris. they join the parade following us to this house.

9:00 - we get to the house. its the wrong one. brady knows where the guy's dad lives. maybe he's there. we pile back into cars and head out to cranfield.

9:15 - we get to the house. no one is there. i stand next to the car and talk to craig. then he farts. i walk away. we all get back in our cars and head back to the bowling alley. by this point we have lost one of the other guy who is supposed to fight.

9:30 - we get back to the bowling alley. we all stand outside because some girls are supposed to fight. then the manager comes out and tells us to leave or come inside. we go inside

9:35 - we go out to curtis's truck and take a few shots. we stand out there and smoke until the manager makes us come back inside.

9:40 - erin starts feeling really sick. i'm not even buzzed. curtis and brady are dancing like the guys on saturday nite live, you know, when they bob their heads. it is hysterical.

about this point i lose track of time. i just know i didn't leave the bowling alley until 11:30.

we all sat there and talked and stuff. maria and billy showed up. justin and cole showed up. lori showed up. we all say and talked. erin kept going outside and sitting in the car because she felt sick. i was getting pissed off because i wasn't even buzzed. eddie was high the whole night and he kept telling me about it.

joe showed up about 11ish. he failed us. by this time eddie and chris were gone. shortly thereafter maria, billy, cole, and justin left. no, they just sat out in the parking lot because erin and brady were getting ready to take me back to my car and when we walked outside we saw all of them sitting in the back of marias truck. eddie was there.

lori left and went to work. i went to get my car and then went to work to talk to lori. erin and brady went home.

12:00 - eddie showed up at the station. me lori and him talked for awhile. then eddie decides to go back to my house because he was feeling generous. and because i guess he was tired of being the only one stoned.

1:00 - i get to my house. eddie shows up. we smoke stuff. he leaves.

1:07 - i take a shower and my eyes start closing. i can't keep them open. it feels really weird.

1:24 - i am turning out the light when the phone starts ringing. i stumble into my brothers room to find the cordless phone. i run into 2 doors. luckily he doesn't wake up.

1:25 - i talk to lori for awhile. something in 107 is messed up, so she called to ask how to fix it. we talk for a bit but i'm not to coherent. we hang up.

1:30 - i fall asleep... this time is estimated.

so, there you have it folks. a friday night in good ole hick town. no, thats not fair. there really aren't many hicks here. there are, but i don't hang around with them. i'm now preparing for an exciting saturday night. i'm just kidding.


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