Let the world hear!

By Mellon Collie
Nothing But The Tailights.

do you ever just get really fed up with life? i am so like that right now. yesterday i was on top of the world. i really was. i finally got another car (its big and ugly, but hey, its a car) and i had big plans for the weekend, and everything was going great. i don't really know exactly what changed everything. maybe it was the reality of driving around that piece of crap. maybe it was the physics test that i didnt' really study for because i was "on top of the world." maybe it was because we had a different schedule today and i had to go to 4th hour before lunch.. that always messes me up. but, whatever reason it was, i just felt really out of it.

a few good things did happen though.

3 people asked me to be their partner in speech, but i already have a partner. it made me feel good that they asked though. i think i made a bad choice though, cause i said i'd work with britt cause he's really cool and funny and all. but then i was thinking, no way am i doing all the work. i know thats not why he asked me, but i was kinda worried about it. so, i told him that if he doesn't do his share then i'll kick his ass. he was like, okay, i'll work. it was funny.

then, in english yesterday we had to turn in our notes and outlines for our research paper and i had like nothing done. i wrote my outline during class and i only had notes for 3 things, and i had 5 listed on my outline. but, amazingly when she passed them back today i got a 50/50. pretty neat.

i think the reason i'm kinda down is because of the weekend. it always looks like its gonna be so much fun, and then, you realize, hey, i'm still stuck in this town and theres nothing new to do, so what makes me think this weekend will be fun.

so, this morning me and erin sat down and planned friday nite. we were gonna leave saturday open for ideas. we had it all worked out what we were gonna do. then i found out this one guy is having a party and he didn't invite us directly, but he invited one of our friends. so, i'm thinking.. should we go, or not.. i mean, i dont' want to be a tagalong.

thats my main fear in life. being a tagalong. thats about as bad as being a cocksucker. nobody likes them.

so, now my weekend is pretty up in the air. hopefully something will come up tomorrow. i'm sure it will.

tomorrow we're having sweetheart royalty at school, which is just a big crock of shit if you ask me. so, we have like super shortened classes. theres also some play in the afternoon, so i know we'll be doing nothing all day. it should be fun.

so, i was thinking i might go out tonite but it looks like its just brady and erin and i don't want to be a tagalong.

hmm.. well, this was just a bunch of crap about me all thrown together. hope you enjoyed it. hopefully soon i'll have something good to say, and i'll share with you ;)

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