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the inevitable

It has happened. I have become OLD. Now you might be thinking "so what... 20 isn't that old". But I feel so old. I remember when I was a "baby" at 15. 20 seemed so far away. Life seemed to be great. Today I am old and decreped. It seems like my life is going now where.

You know how you grow up with your closest of friends. Your life seems to be going in the same direction. I am still wondering what happened. They are all in heavy relationships. Living with their girlfriends. Some even have kids. And where am I?

I am unemployed. Bumming around. Sure I have a future compared to my other friends do. But it makes you feel so old. My cousins are getting hitched. Am I just feeling tired out. I don't get much free time these days.

I remember the days of Voltron and Thundercats. Rushing home to try and catch the latest episode of Monkey Magic and then Doctor Who. The thing is the bit inbetween then and now is kinda fuzzy, I must have grown up somewhere.

At the moment it is like my life is going no where. That I have lived longer than I should have by now. The other week I bought Wham's greatest hits cd. I was so excited. I showed a 16 year old friend that I finally bought it.. she turned to me and said "who's Wham?".

What ever happened to the days when greed was good. I shouldn't need to have 10 hours sleep each night. Every friday and saturday night I should be club hopping like I have been doing since I was 15.

Maybe I should just retire now and move to a retire village...

sorry about the unusually short article... been busy :o)


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