Century's Views

By Peter "Century" Likidis

Cybersex, Lies, and Magnetic Tape.

In Australia we had a public holiday a couple of weeks ago. And on every public holiday the local cinema holds a movie marathon starting at midnight. 3 jamming movies for the price of one. You get a big group together, bring your pillows and a blankie, find someone of the opposite sex to snuggle up with (or more than just snuggling if the movie sucks). Lie in the front and watch the movies in IMAX like views. They are always great fun.

This public Holiday being on a Monday. Every sunday night they have a radio show called Pillow Talk (they have a homepage on the web somewhere). Pillow Talk is your usual sex talk back show where people call up about their sexual problems and "Dr Feelgood" tries to solve it. Everyone thinks the show is sad. I enjoy it simply because it doesn't matter how bad my love life is there is always someone who is worse off. It's great for the ego.

Anyway, I am driving to the cinema in Betsy, my faithful 84 Laser with fluffy dice on the rear view mirror, and listening to Pillow Talk. The topic of the night was is sex intercourse? The general feel from it was no it isn't. You can have sex with someone if you feel sexually fulfilled afterwards. This could mean forplay or even staring at each other.

Being a typical computer nerd I started thinking about that in the context of cybersex. Now it is interesting in that the general conception is that cybersex is only for sad people. Which I used to agree with fully. Now though I feel that c-sex is not only for sad cases, although it still is.

To me you can have sex over the internet. If cybersex is performed by two people emotionally whole then I believe they are having sex. They feel both emotionally and sexually fulfilled by the act.

Of course this is different then the following act...
Hello anyone want to have cybersex?
Sure big boy.... of course I am H.O.T T.O H.A.N.D.L.E!!!!!!!
Meet you in (insert any room here)?
ok hot stuff

In this case the act which follows is the equivilent to a one night stand... sure they make get their rocks off. But are they emotionally fulfilled? Or just sexually? I have had a one night stand before and I did not feel sexually fulfilled by it. I need an emotional content to it in order for it to be anything special. The above example is a sad case. Where these two have nothing better to do than type with one hand.

I chat not to pick up (although I have fallen in love with the love of my life) but to have fun. To meet people from all around the world. Only on the internet can you have so many different cultures and backgrounds mentally in the one room without any racism (if you dislike someone because of who they are over the net you have a real problem. It is just words no matter who is typing them.

Back on topic though. Cybersex can be a meaningful experience IMHO. If you have known someone for a while and you are chatting away and it happens then I feel that is a totally different experience than two people never seeing each others handles deciding to jump into the cyber-sack together. If you were out and you saw someone who was cute and pick them up that is one thing. If you sleep with anyone just because they are willing then see counselling.

I know a few people who cyber (although they don't know I know)and they do not announce it in front of everyone or meet their virtual beuos in the chatrooms. They go somewhere more private and go for it.

I think as a world wide society (particularly in Australia and America) we are fastly becoming more and more accepting of the sexual act. Whether that is a good or bad thing is up to an individual. But just because you can, is that a good enough reason to do it? Think about how your reputation would be in RL if you did what you did on the internet. If you regular a chat room and you do it all the time do you think anyone will respect you anymore than you would in RL.

So next time you are in a chatroom, remember not to condem someone. But the issue is up for the individual to decide.

I really want to encourage feedback on this topic and I will post the debate and any return commentaries in a article in the future. ALL names will be kept private. It's the comments that matter not who said it. Email feedback to my email.

I look forward to exploring this issue further.
Until next time.... Yickadee


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