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Welcome once again to another installment of taste of the week. This week's drink should be very familiar to all of you. It is Kool Aid!!! But not just any Kool Aid, this is Killer Kool Aid. Although it now has a very different effect on you, and is made with different ingredients, this Kool Aid still carries with it the fruity flavor that we as kids all grewq up loving. T make this drink, all you need is a few things. Vodka, Melon Liqueur, Amaretto, Southern Comfort, and Cranberry Juice. To make it, first fill a glass with ice, then pour in 3/4 of a shot of each of the liqueurs. Then fill the glass with cranberry juice. Just because you can't really taste the liqueur, don't think that it's still not there, cause it sure is and it will catch up with you eventually. (Not an extremely strong drink) Have a good week, and remember that if you have any drink suggestions, feel free to send them to me! Bottoms up!

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