By Iceman

Welcome to the Danger Zone or in this week's edition the Abyss of Century Chat as I will take a look at yet another of James Camereon's epic movies which yes for another consecutive week, Michael Biehn played an important role in the move that possibly could have been Camereon's prelude to Titanic.

As mentioned James Camereon directed this underwater adventure starring Ed Harris as Bud Brigman, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantnio as Harris's estranged wife Lindsey, and Michael Biehn as Navy SEAL Lieutenant Coffey.

When a American Nuclear Submarine mysteriously sinks, a civilian oil rig crew is recruited to attempt a search and rescue effort of the ship. Leading this crew is Bud Brigman who is very concerned about sending his crew into such a dangerous mission, the Navy also calls on the help of Brigman's wife who designed the oil rig which causes tension between the two. The Navy also sends a group of Navy SEALs to supervise the operation led by a Lieutenant (Biehn) who finds it very difficult to stay sane in the movie. When a Alien Species though is discovered by Lindsey, Michael Biehn becomes tempted to destroy the species which must be stopped at all costs.

The Abyss is a heart stopping, suspenseful, thrill ride that I found a tad boring the first time I saw it, but once I got into the movie, it became one of my faves of all time. I was dissapointed seeing Michael as the bad guy in the movie but I guess you just can't win them all.

Next edition will have the epic Braveheart as I apologize to all chatters out there for the delay in this column. I give the Abyss a 3 1/2 star and I hope you decide to check it out.

           Bud Brigman - Ed Harris (The Rock, Apollo 13, Eye for an Eye)
           Lindsey Brigman - Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio 
           Lt. Coffey - Michael Biehn (The Rock, Terminator, Aliens, Navy SEALs)

           Directed by James Camereon
           Produced by Twentieth Century Fox

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