Valentine's Day

            Ah Valentine's Day...loaded with burning emotions, whether you're trying 
            to avoid it, have special plans for it, or want special plans for it.

            Never mind the state of your love life for the rest of the 
            year....Somthing must happen in time for February 14th!!!

            Or was that the attitude of friends in Junior High, who would put off 
            ending a doomed relationship until February 20th...They had already 
            bought the card and knew their steady had made special plans.

            Really it seems a passionate sex encounter is the true goal for St. 
            Valentine's Day, or is it just the company I keep?

            I mean it's nice and all, setting aside a day to let the one you love 
            know you care. Not that you should feel obliged to coordinate it with 
            the rest of the country...Isn't it a little more cynical than romantic, 
            that we need a holiday noted in our daily planners so that we buy some 
            roses for the person we currently adore?

            But...If my love forgets me, will I have a brave heart? Or will my right 
            eye tear as it usually does with no warning or control?

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