Pretty Boy

pretty boy walks down the street 
they all look in his direction
he feels them stare
he dislikes the glare
of the overcasting sun.
...they say that he's the one.

he is a fire
burning bright
but he can't
stand the light
they think he is strange
no one can decribe
that deep impassionate 
look in his eyes

he folds away
from the fears he hides
they ask him questions...
did ya fuck? did ya screw? did ya get inside?
this boy is an act
they say he's a player
but he's just a boy
with his life on hold...

he walks alone at night
and talks to the sky
puts up his front
when people ask why
the girls all love him
but he's scared to admit
he wants no one
he's just a kid

his act grows old
they know the truth
his defenses are down
he crawls onto the roof...

he looks below at the black street he swears if he jumps he will land on his feet~ ...and walk right into heaven.