A Night Of Passion

             With passion in our hearts
             And mischief in our minds
             We sat togehter silently
             Just waiting for the signs
             He took my hads in his
             He led me to the bed
             He cupped my face and kissed me
             Softly on my forehead
             It all started so slowly
             So gently and so sweet
             After just a little while
             Our clothes fell to your feet
             Our bodies fell together
             Our breath was gaining speed
             He whispered softly in my ear
             "You are the one I need"
             With foolish lips I smiled
             And kissed him on the cheek
             While in his arms I lied there
             Feeling lifeless and weak
             When we had finished the passion
             He laid there breathing fast
             Was this just a night of passion
             I quietly asked
             He sat up and got out of bed
             His silence was the key
             But I would not believe
             That this guy was just using me
             Things changed since then
             We dont talk much
             A hi in the hallway
             A wave at lunch
             But he won't forget me or that night
             No matter how he tries
             And now I will know the difference
             Between passion,love, and lies.