Definition: The act or power of forming mental images of something not present to the senses or not previously known or experienced.

All of us that chat, chat for maybe a few different reasons. To make new friends from far away places, because we're bored, because we just like to talk, maybe because we feel like hassling someone or maybe we need someone to talk to. No matter what the reason is, when we come into a chat room the majority of us will talk and meet new friends.

I've learned from chatting over the past 8 months that in order to chat and enjoy yourself you need to use your imagination. Weather its running around a room throwing water balloons to having cybersex (certain rooms for that) you need your imagination.

The reason why I thought to write about this, is that one day someone came on and thought we were all crazy because we hug and kiss each other, (everyone needs to be hugged and kissed). In the particular room I chat in (16-19) we have a couch, we hide from each other, we even have a trampoline, and oh yeah a Velcro wall. We have so much fun; we laugh (a lot) and for a lot of people it takes our problems away, maybe just for a little while, but it takes our problems away. This is really important, (I think), for everyone, but especially teenagers to come on line and forget about what's going on around them at home or in their town. I can come home from school all upset about something stupid, and before you know it I'll be chatting with someone and I'll start laughing. Or, maybe..I have a problem and if I just talk to someone neutral about it, it works its self out. Whatever it is our imagination always starts working and things start looking better, (at least for me).

I like to visually imagine what people look like just by the way they talk to me; I don't need to know their "stats". I can tell when people are mad, happy or sad. I have laughed, cried, yelled and even swore (can't do that anymore) in the chat room and the whole time my imagination is working, this sounds pretty healthy to me. Maybe this means I'm in the chat rooms way too much, but for me it's a release from the world around me and I get to chat with all the many friends that I have made over the past few months.

I met someone yesterday, and we started talking. She told me her boyfriend had died in a car accident. We talked for a little bit, then she said because of the accident she was left paralyzed. It was her first time in a chat room, and she thought it might help her to get through the day. Guess what's going to work for her, her imagination. With her imagination, she can jump, run, hide, throw water balloons, anything she wants, and its all stuff she'll never be able to do, but if it puts a smile on her face, then its worth every second of talking to her and just being her friend.

In fact the little amount of time that I did talk to her convinced me even more to write this article.

Anyway, to all my friends that I've made in the chat rooms, just remember one thing; don't ever lose your imagination because without it our lives would really be boring.

**Hugs and Kisses** to all my friends