You haven't given me a sign and
I miss you more than ever before
Sadness overwhelms my emotions
I wish you'd walk through the door

To miss your intellect and charm
To care for you and feel no harm
I can't feel your presence anymore
I yearn for vous adore!

I hate this emotion in my heart
This bottomless sorrow, vast desire
Complicates this urgent affair
Makes me cry, makes me sadder

These tears I shed now
Are for you my beloved, they are yours
I kid you not, I can't take this suffering
I need your affection, as a mother needs her child

I can't clear you from my conscience
I can't wait for your signal
You make me sad, only cause you entrap me
Encompass me in you loving womb

This hell I'm in will go away
It's not that you hurt me
The fire extinguishes the nearer you stay
It's cause you love me more than any before

Your face is a star that is just beyond reach
I have to see you.  I need your touch
Where have you gone?  I don't like being alone
I'd trade the world for a glimpse of sweetness

I'd give you anything you desire for you are
My dream lover...and the sandman will do it
Because I take his power to grant this wish
To end my emptiness and restore your love

We are destine to be Shakespearean
Two star-crossed lovers as history repeats
I century away, i care your love
Into a new realm...where fate has no rule

We'd live forever in this enchanted garden
A flower of love, blooms at your presence
The twist of a key and the push of a latch
And we'll satisfy this urge to fuse our two hearts

Where will this eternity out lived
Transcending the tangible and into the spirit
Our bodies are a temporary vessel carrying
Our thoughts, dreams, hopes and emotions

One day this vessel will submerge to the unknown
Where know one returns and would ever desire
Weightless and carefree we'll no longer regret
The sins of love and desire, feared emotions

We will live to love each other in a new way
We can only dream and hope this place is there
And wait spending all our time preparing
By loving each other to best we can

Fulfilling each others desires and fantasies
For in time they will be common place
Our love will reach a new plateau on which
We'll view our future and see heaven above

I can't wait to be with you now and then
I hope time will fly as I sit in agony
Dreaming of you and yearning for your love
Your presence will be felt and mine alike

Together as one...and one felt by the lovers of our time

Dedicated to Monica Marie Frantz.