True Freinds

by Real Missy

Since I started chatting in Century I have made many and I say many new friends that are all cherishable in their own ways. Some now are not talking to me but someday I hope they will begin again. Also in that time I have made some enemies. But the one thing I have learned is that even though they are people over the chat they can still be bestfriends nonetheless.

Now this is not a shoutout article it is just one that to me explains the great basis of the friendships I have made in Century. To forgive in forget I guess is the best way to put it. I have made MANY, MANY mistakes in the last year and I regret all of them. I have lost people I truly cared about because of some of these mistakes. So because of that I have learned that I'm sorry really isn't enough when you hurt people that care about you and that you care about. But then again when someone is hurt they think it is the worse possible thing at the time.

Now some friends I have in the chats are ones that I have had almost since I started chatting in Century almost a year ago and others are newer. But nonetheless they are friends...or at least I hope they are. And to those people that stick by each other I thank them. I have also learned that sometimes being in a so-called Net Relationship can be healthy. It shows you that peoples emotions sometimes run to the blood and sometimes only skin deep. Although sometimes I have been a selfish person no one ever think that I do not have feelings...same as everyone else here. I have admitted to making fun of some people in the chats that really are good friends when you let them be. I was just to blind to see it at the time and of course I apologize. But like I said sometimes sorry just isn't enough. I can't count how many times my parents have said that to me. But it is a truly honest apology. The people that act like asses in Century and constantly bad mouth people are not the ones that are seriously looking to meet and make friends in the chats of course they are just there to show off and mess around. Which of course this can be fun and there is really nothing wrong with it but just don't do it to people that you know aren't the type to defend themselves verbally. For all you know you could get a computer nerd that is very shy and not so quick with the verbal come backs and then all of a sudden your computer is so fried you can't even turn it on. I will admit to having been afraid of that a few times. But I guess people will be people.

To everyone though that comes into Century follow this bit of advice...although some people may get on your nerves be more patient and realize that since you can't hear their voice everyone is different in text.

Real Missy