-Friday Night Highlights


the countdown has begun. only four more days until spring break. i can't wait. its gonna be so awesome.

the way my work schedule is now, i'm working saturday and sunday afternoons from 12-6, so i never get to sleep in. i always have to be up by about 10:45, which sucks. so, for a whole week, i get to sleep in. i can't wait.

this is especially good on those days when you totally can not get out of bed. perhaps after an intriguing evening, or, whatever you wanna call it..

but i'm pretty sick of my work right now. it's just that i've been doing it for so long that it's really boring right now. i know its a good job, and i'm lucky i don't have to work very hard and all, but, i do get bored with it.

so, just the rest of this week and then spring break. yeah yeah! but, the downside is, it snowed yesterday. yep. snow. yuck. but, it didn't stick or anything. but now it is freakin cold outside. i hope it warms up because i wanted to go camping next week.

i haven't been camping in forever. its so fun. can't wait til it gets warm enough to go.

but, i do have other plans for next week. big ones. i also have a research paper thats due on the monday we get back from break. but, i already have a good rough draft done, so i might turn it in on friday before break. because if you turn it in then, you get 10 bonus points, and come on, am i really gonna do that much work on it over break? i think not.

i have play practice tonite. i also have a physics test tomorrow. yuck. i'm gonna do so bad. i haven't paid attention at all. just because i got a b on the last test, i decided i was a natural at physics and i didn't need to pay attention in class. boy was i wrong. today we were reviewing and i didn't understand a thing. so, i better do some good studying tonite.

actually i'm thinking of not going to school tomorrow. well, just not going for a few hours. my test isn't til 3rd hour. 1st hour i have band, and i don't have a class 2nd hour, so i could get in some good studying.

i could just go to the library 2nd hour like i do everyday, but i'm sure i would start talking to somebody and then i wouldn't get anything done. like today. i went in there to do my physics homework because i kinda sorta didn't get around to doing it the night before. hey, i am way hooked on those cryptoquips in the newspaper. i had to solve it. for some reason it was more important to me than physics.. hmm.. wonder why.

but, anyway, i always start talking to people and then i never get anything done. it's especially hard to get things done on mondays. cause we're always talking bout what we did over the weekend.

my weekend wasn't too good. nothing in particular, it was all rainy on saturday and like nobody was in town. and brady and erin fought the whole nite. thats fun.

friday was okay i suppose, but nothing special. i did however, learn a few things this weekend. like some stuff about traffic lights. yeah.. it was neat. and brady kept saying he was gonna jump out of the car, and he never did. kinda made me mad. i mean, if i was gonna say that, i would do it. just crapping about it is no fun. he should've actually done it. would've made things a lot more interesting at least.

i've got to start thinking about my senior will.. do you guys do those? where you leave things to the underclassmen? they're usually really funny. well, if you know the people. lots of inside jokes involved. but, theres like a whole bunch of people i want to leave stuff to... like shane, curtis, eddie, max, michelle, anita, stefani, shaina, emily and jared(jurd). thats right, i'm friends with lots of little kids.. just kidden ;) and you're only supposed to leave stuff to 3 people, so, i'm not sure what i'll do yet. gotta decide soon. but, i'm on newspaper staff, so i can probably squeeze in a little more than usual..

but, anyway, i think thats bout it from me for now.. hope you all have a nice day *s*


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