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meeting over the net

hello everyone...i have been away for a while...well, not away...just away from my computer =) much has happened...allow me to recap:

we all *well, i think i speak for the majority* have close friends on the internet. now...how many of us actually ever MEET them? i know that about 3 or 4 of my friends on here have met someone in real life that they met on here *am i being redundant?!* and in most cases, things went okay. well, except for one case...*s* poor guy drove all the way to this chick's house, and she didn't speak to him. but all who i have spoken to about this, have had rather pleasurable experiences. i wish to share mine...

waaaaay back in january of last year, i got connected to the internet. i chatted with a few people...i was the average "newcomer"..."hi. anyone wanna chat?" *s* so i started talking to this guy who had the handle *weasel*...some of you may know him, some may not. he only chatted in century for about a month, and dropeed by every now and then. however, he and i comtinued to communicate through email. we had this weird connection. i don't know if it was because we were able to simply listen to each other (we were both going through...situations) and offer advice, or what. it was very cool though. flip ahead 1 year ---> we are discussing movies one fine evening, and he tells me i HAVE to see titanic. (which, i still have not seen...go ahead, shoot me) i jokingly asked him if he wanted to come along...that joke led into a discussion of possible meeting places which we be halfway. (he is in ontario, i, in pennsylvania) we finally found a place, and had to set a date. i was very anxious! i couldn't do it the coming weekend, because i was going to visit the univeristy of pittsburgh *it's awesome* ...and the next weekend was out because i was going to vermont *okemo mountain rOcKs if you want some good skiing* we decided to meet on the 28th of february.

to make a long story short, we finally met around 7:00 that saturday night. at first, it was somewhat of a shock! seeing this person who you have always known to be nothing but a computer screen! then *bam* there they are, standing in front of you...

so we are like, deserted in this shit town...no, i wouldn't even call it a town! it was this little "area" right off of the highway. there was a small outdoor mall, a movie theatre, a pizza hut and a hampton inn! we went to pizza hut and talked for...well, forever! then we went back to the hotel and talked. it was just awesome. when you are as close to someone on here as he and i are, you long for the physical connection. it's this entire dimmension missing...but i can assure you, it was there when we met =) i am NOT going into detail about THAT...but it was very very good...*sigh*...but you miss it. a lot. the worst part was leaving the next morning...but we will be together again.

i suggest to anyone...if you are totally sure about someone you have a relationship with on here, it would be a great deal of fun for you to meet them. but you gotta be sure, k kids? it's like...well it IS dangerous if you don't know what you're getting into. these two chicks from my school stole their friend's car from the parking lot during school, drove to the train station, took a train to new york and stayed with this guy they met on the internet...they came home in 3 days because the guy was...nuts. crazy i say! so...if you plan on it, make sure you take precaution.

what else has been going on? oh...SOCCER STARTED!!! *jumps up and down like a freak* all spring sports have begun...and some winter ones are still going on! which kinda sucks...because our soccer teams sweeper and stopper *two main defensive positions* are on the basketball team, which is in post season play. we have a scrimmage thursday, and they won't be there. and if they get to the state final, they will miss our first real game, then have one day of practice...then we play a very important game. oh well! i am very excited for this season! we should be awesome!! i already sprained my wrist *i'm the goalie* BUT i did some major icing and drugs...*l*...so all is well! it takes a lot of energy though. that's why i haven't been on here as much. it's all worth it though =) if anyone else plays soccer...or any sport, and you feel like talking about it, email me!! i'm always up for a good chat about my passion now and then =)

i guess that's about all. i know, i know...i rambled...sorry! next article will be worth your time. i will do the quote column this weekend. i hope you all have a super day!!

    ***to love for the sake of being loved is human. to love for the sake of loving is angelic***

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