The Freshmen


warning! this is an article dedicated to bitching out the freshmen of MY school! NO offense intended...but it is just nuts there!! if you are a freshmen, i mean no harm... like i said, this pertains only to those at my school! lancaster catholic high school! i'm walking down the hall today and i look around...well, actually, i was talking to sarah and we were both looking around! we were commenting on the fact that half the people dressed UP for the dress DOWN days. (see, we have to wear uniforms, but we are having this magazine drive, and if you sell so much you get to dress down until the drive is over) it was kinda crazy because all the preps (no offense) were all dressed up with their little white blouses with cropped sweater vests over them, and fitted cords and crap...*L* then there were those of us who could give a damn, me in my mismatched tshirt, sweater and way-to-comfy jeans, and sarah in a tshirt and her comfy jeans...WHOA i am getting WAY off track! so we notice that all the freshmen are all dolled up, trying to make some kind of impression on us. like, this one chick walked by in her new outfit, and looked at us and threw her nose up, we proceeded to laugh... BUT ANYWAY...there was this herd of them in the hall in font of us, and this girl (her name is grace, ironic...) is like SHOUTING to her friends in the little circle, "DAAAAAAAAMN girls! guess what?! i'm fuckin' pregnant!" and her one friend looks at her and says, "with who?!" and grace goes, "oh, i dunno...some rob guy i think." um...hello?! *L* well, this is a catholic school, and...*LOL* you can imagine the look on the nun's face who was listening to this...!! now to the topic...

i'm not trying to be the stereotypical "senior power" chick here, okay? in fact, i hate (well, strongly dislike) peers of mine like that. i mean, last year i was nice to the freshmen, and the year before that... and last year the seniors were nice to them...and when i was a freshmen they were all nice to me! there was none of that typical "i'm a senior therefore i am!" crap! *L* but this year...this year it is just crazy at our school. there was this group of about 15-20 freshmen who went to eat at friendly's one day after school. they went in their uniforms (did i mention how SMART they are?! and yes, that was sarcastic...) and happened to skip out without paying the tab. they got caught (like it's that hard for friendly's to put 2 and 2 together..."hmm, catholic high kids come here all the time, we are about 1/2 mile from the school, and they all wear the same thing...could that group have been from LCHS?!") they all had to chip in like 5 or 10 bucks and they all got suspended. so then, the members of the little clan who didn't get caught, decided to "protest" their friends' one day out of school suspension, and skip that day. mature is that?! and my friend's little sister is a freshmen, and she said that they were all like, "yeah, i bet the seniors think we are cool now!" ya know, to that effect. NOPE. *L* i am putting this addy on all the boards in my classes for the little tykes to go to and read this! they don't gain any respect by acting like little punks! and now they are all forming these STUPID "gangs" as they call funny to watch them. what else happened?! something really funny...damn, i forget! OH! well this isn't it, but i will tell you this at lunch my table was going nuts! (um..*L* the moderator told us we are by far the loudest table in the cafeteria, because we laugh constantly and are just all around the most boisterous...and that's everyday, not just today!) so this one freshmen chick kept looking at us! i mean STARING! and it was one of the "CCG" gang members...*L*...yeah, they are so tough! so ang, who is like, the sweetest girl in the school...she sits with us...well she looked at her and said, "WHAT?" and the girl acted like she didn't hear her. so ang walks up to her and goes, "is there something wrong? because you keep looking at us, and i'm getting a little sick of it!" and ALLLLLL the girls at that table were like, "eek!" and was just funny! guess ya had to be there! because eVeRyOnE loves ang...she is the executive president of student council and never says a mean word to anyone...*L*

goodness, this article REALLY sucked...i will be surprised if alex posts it! because...well, i hate reading articles that have absolutely nothing to do with me and are all about personal crap in the lives of people whom i know nothing about! SO you can all send me hate mail if this gets up! okay? okay! well, i will try to think of something more productive and write about it! until then...

have a good one!! =)

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