Love Jones- the survey

by Maria Garcia

During Christmas break, I roamed the malls with my sister Rosa to ask 250 guys--ages 18 to 23--to fill-out a survey that I made. It took us about six malls to roam and the University I go to finish the job (WHEW!). Some of the questions are personal, but hey, they gave an honest answer to each one.

1) Right now, are you crushing on a girl who is just a friend?

  • 61% YES
  • 39% NO

    2) If a girl makes the first move on you, what would you think?

  • 83% Think it's cool
  • 17% Thinks guys should make the first move or totally turned-off

    3) If you're interested in a girl, how would you let her know?

  • 39% Sit by her in class all the time and write her notes between lectures
  • 28% Flirt with her constantly
  • 19% Follow her everywhere
  • 14% Tell her face-to-face

    4) Do you think looks are important in search for the RIGHT ONE?

  • 73% NO, it's the personality that counts
  • 27% YES, very important

    5) How much do you reveal to your buds when you talk about girls and sex?

  • 69% Nothing. It's not proper.
  • 31% A few details.

    6) Who do you think should pay for the date?

  • 74% ME. It's a sign of showing her you're a gentleman.
  • 26% Fifty-fifty; everything in a relationship should be equal.

    7) Are you a virgin?

  • 69% YES
  • 31% NO

    8) Have you ever told your friends you had sex with a girl when you really didn't?

  • 84% NO
  • 16% YES

    9) Have you ever actually admitted that you thought another guy was good-looking?

  • 73% YES
  • 27% NO

    10) If a girl gave you flowers, what would you think?

  • 89% It's very romantic!
  • 11% It's embarrassing.

    11) Have you ever had a girl want to go faster than you did when it came to sex?

  • 69% NO
  • 31% YES

    12) Have you ever cheated on a girlfriend?

  • 64% NO
  • 36% YES

    13) Do you care what your friends think and say about your crush or girlfriend?

  • 66% Sometimes I consider my friends' opinions, but I go for what my heart says most of the time.
  • 34% NO, I don't care what they think.

    14) What would be the perfect way to spend a date?

  • 39% A walk on the beach during sunset.
  • 27% At a ball game (football or basketball).
  • 25% A picnic at the park. Food prepared by me.
  • 9% At the movies.

    Some of you guys who read the questions above can also answer them. E-mail them to me HERE; Also tell me what you think about this survey. I'll post the results on my next article.

    Source: Seventeen Magazine