lost love

Your life after your significant other is gone can be so boring; well because you're not going to get to do the things you used to do together for one reason. What else? There are lots of them, and if I mention them all, it would take more than a lifetime. This is not always the case, though. Your life after your significant other is gone can also turn to the other direction. Anyway, here's my story:

I first fell in love when I was a junior in high school; with Hunter. The people who read my debut article should know this. We spent time together, but we never really considered each other as each other's significant other (confusing, huh?). Well anyway, Hunter and I were really close friends for two years. But here's the catch, I never told him I was in-loved with him, so nothing happened between us. He found someone else. I thought I would never find someone just like him after I graduated high school, but no, I did.

I entered college last fall for the very first time. It was so huge and I didn't knew anybody. I went to my first class, English. It was boring. Then I went to my next class, Politics. I walked in, and BAM! There I saw Christopher sitting down at the back. It was love at first sight for me again. I sat near him. I didn't make the first move, Christopher did. He went to me and introduced himself. As time passed, we became really close. We e-mail each other if we don't see each other, and sometimes we talk on the phone until two in the morning. Same things happened for the rest of the semester although I didn't tell Christopher about my feelings for him. Spring semester came. The very first week, I told him about my feelings. It turned out that he liked me, too. So from then on, we spent more times together; we took ski trips together, we had dinner at each other's houses, we watched movies together, etc. Right now, I'm am still so much in love with him. I feel like I'm in heaven.

What do you guys think? Do you believe in love at first sight? If you have any comments, e-mail them to Me.

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