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Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 18:07:32, -0500
From: BRES26B@prodigy.com ( SARAH B ANNIBALLI)
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I know it's kinda harsh...and I don't know if you'll post it, but, God will pay ya back for it. :o) Thanx! Love Sarah

Non-practicing religious freaks…are you one of 'em? Well, first of all…if you don't understand what I'm trying to say in the first place you will…hopefully. Anyway, in the chat room I have gotten into numerous quarrels about God, and what a "Christian" should be and blah blah blah. A lot of it was a buncha poop, 'cause half the people I talked to never had a clue about what being a Christian really is. God isn't something that gives you a title that you slap on your forehead and say "Here I am world, Mr. Big Bad Christian". Nope, don't think so. What I'm trying to say is…if you don't have an awesome spiritual life with God something's lacking… and you're gonna be searching for the rest of your life until you fill that deep dark lonely void. I'm not trying to preach or whatever, just wanna let other REAL Christians out there know what needs to be done or dealt with. Having Jesus is the only thing that will change your life and give you a real high. Not a drug or sex...or blah blah and blah. Wow, hope this wasn't too boring. This is my first article, so don't kill me for blabbing on and not getting to the point. This was just to give you an idea of what I'm trying to get across to you. Oh, and NO I AM NOT CATHOLIC. Nothing against them though, :o) Email me with any comments, and yes negative comments are ok!

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Excellent article! Congrats on your way with words...I have met the love of my life on the chat line, and we chose to move to a private room after my partner got banned...and I assure you that although our convo was "suggestive" the monitors language was totally inappropriate. Anyway, cyber is not for lonely, dysfunctional people. I am a psych grad, my husband travels a lot...and it's a good method of release...greatly improving a somewhat dull sex life in reality.. Creating and enacting fantasies on the computer is a wonderful way to express yourself in a safe and harmless way.....and you may even fall in love!

When I first came on the internet a year ago it was my whole intention to use people to fullfill my sexual fantasies tho I was dedicated to being a virgin IRL.

I am sure you know of my stupid escapades. Didn't take me long to find out these were precious people. And I couldn't play with their minds like this...besides these same sould go to heaven and hell...

Secret...I once spent an entire day on the internet with a very special person, we imaged a picnic and literally made love...I was so overcome by the realness it affected my life. He was going to jump a plane from Europe and come to be by my side, leaving family, scholarship and his promising future...so i had to let him go. For his sake. He hasn't forgiven me to this day. I am trying very hard to stay away from socalled internet love. Instead I have my friends. A few kisses are nice

hehehe Let's talk about sex baby, let's talk about you and me...salt n pepa...it's been a long time...

j/k...Let's just talk about my opinion on the matter at hand (no pun intended...!)

Well Pete, I tend to agree with you...

When I was in my cyber-relationship...no, actually, that's kind of a bad word for it. All these people who are like, "No, I don't have a boyfriend in real life, but I have a wonderful c-guy!" confuse me... because my relationship on here was just like in real life, except that third dimension (the huggin, kissing, holding...etc...hehe you can fill in the blanks!) was missing. Therefore my partner and I once resorted to a "semi" cyber sexual encounter...we went to a room no one knew about... actually, we went there once in a while to talk and stuff...but it was more than talking I suppose...we would talk about important stuff, not just what happened that day. In fact, we actually agreed to kind of treat it as a "bedroom"...where we would go once in a while for important things. Know what I mean? Well anyway, the one time we were in there I just got so sexually frustrated that I kept going on and on, telling him what I would do to him if we were together...and the thing is, I didn't think it was perverted or whatever, because it was almost... I dunno...expected? Not really that...but if we were physically together, it would not be something frowned upon. He and I had been together for quite some time, and our emotions were soaring. We would also send Emails about our future and little dreams...and...well we would say, "I am sending you another picture." which was not a picture, like a painting or whatever...but a picture from our souls and minds and what we hoped to become. Know what I mean? We would somewhat "fantasize" about our future, and what it would be like and what we would do. It was very fulfilling, given the fact that we could not be together...

However, I learned from this. It got extremely stressful and agrivating for the both of us, not being able to be together. We shared so much, yet could not really show it...like I said, that third dimension was missing, and it is necessary in any relationship. Although those...oh, I guess 6 or 7 months...were very fun and memorable...I cannot say I would do it again. I am the type of person who will try anything once. And I tried it...and although i wish we could have met and done everything we planned, we didn't and I accept that. The last conversation we had, we both said we still loved each other, but we just couldn't go on anymore, living so far away, but feeling so close...then every morning waking up to the reality that the person you saw in your dreams was miles away. And personally, I think a large part of it had to do with the missing sexual element. The emotional element was all there. And the "cyber sex" stuff was fulfilling to a point...although we never truly "did it", but the Emails and such is of what I am speaking. Of course the physical sexual fulfillment was not there (I never masterbated or whatever!) BUT the emotional sexual fulfillment was taken care of. I personally think I liked the emotional part being fulfilled better...I recently was in a physical relationship with someone. It only lasted about a week, and although we did A LOT of stuff, I was not fulfilled in the least. I guess I just wanted someone to fuck around with (um, we didn't fuck, just a term) since I hadn't for so long (relationship on here) and well, I was getting a bit antsy! BUT I did not like him, and he did not like me...and the sexual stuff was *there* but it wasn't fulfilling...see what I mean?! I enjoyed being emotional fulfilled rather than sexually...

Well anyway...I have blabbered on for long enough! I agree with you. I feel that whatever satisfies two individuals, and keeps them happy, is great. =)

i read your zine article on cybering and i liked it.. i agree that for some people it is just words .. but in some magical and truly superb times.. it is much more than words.. it is two caring individuals that tenderly caress and care for each other and that is a beautiful thing..

To me cybersex is just as special as real sex. I have to know someone and give myself to them both physically and emotionally. People take sex for granted now. They just hop into the sac with one person after another and don't get any kind of fulfillment out of it.

I must agree that when someone would have cybersex I would think that they need to get a life. Most of the people though come into the chat rooms asking anyone to cyber. I tried it for the first time with someone very special to me. It was special to me as though we were together making love. I couldn't believe I was doing it. I am such a modest person and I was little embarrassed I must admit. The feelings were so real. I don't know about the other person but I am sure he felt pretty much the same.

All I am trying to say is just like being in the real world sex is special and too many girls are just throwing it to every man that walks by. Treasure it because you will wish you had of.