Daddy's Little Girl

All those late night talks sitting at the kitchen table,
Had finally paid off,
And when I finally walked across the stage,
You would be cheering with pride,
That's my little girl.

I always dreamed of having you walk me down the aisle,
Arm in arm,
As you gave me away,
A tear would roll down your face.

When I bring my child into this world,
You would be there holding my hand,
Wishing my pain was yours,
and wiping the tears from my eyes.

Well now I am all grown up,
Wishing daddy was by my side,
We won't be having any talks,
And when I walk down the aisle,
I will be walking alone,
You won't be there to hold my hand or pick me up when I fall.

Daddy's black boots sit all alone,
Never to be worn again,
And daddy's boots,
Are worn and lifeless.

I used to put on daddy's cowboy hat,
And his old boots when I was alone,
But daddy would peek at me through the door,
Then whisper under his breath,
That's my little girl.

Daddy's gone forever,
But one things for sure,
When you are looking down on me from high above,
Just remember,
I am daddy's little girl.

In Loving Memory of Michael Don Hurst.