Knobbly Knoll

by ROCK dog
episode 4

The Hill

Walking. Edward hated walking. Edward also happened to be about as lazy as a three toed sloth on a rather large prescription of valium. But walk he did. It was quite a long walk. And considering the fact that Edward was as fit as a drowning goldfish it was quite a brisk walk.
It was a long way between the town of Knobbly Knoll and The Hill. Knobbly Knoll was built on a plain. In fact the entire country was plain. The Hill is written up in geography textbooks as “one of those freak occurance of nature.” Although if you ever saw The Hill you would notice that one of the prominant features is the tremendous moat which surrounds it. Over the hundreds of years The Hill has been in existance noone had ever noticed that the volume of the earth that makes up The Hill is very much similar to the approximate amount of earth that is not in the moat.
Hence, The Hill has always been one of this worlds natural wonders. Go figure.


Meanwhile back at the palace........ Queen Victoria stared at the book that propped up the throne for all this time. She had never really noticed it before. And now it was behaving as if it was the only real thing in the whole room. It gleamed. No, Victoria thought, it glowed. She reached for the book. Slowly and warily as if expecting something to happen, and feeling a little foolish when nothing did.
She touched the book. The Book seemed to purr like a kitten, a kitten bound with the hide of a thousand year old dragon, but a kitten nevertheless. She pulled the book out from beneath the throne.


Edward tripped over a rock in the road. Edward swore. Edward walked again.


The young Queen opened the book. She started to read the book. And as she read Victoria couldn’t help the feeling that the book was also reading her.
She stopped reading.
She sat perfectly still.
She was thinking.
Here is what she was thinking......


..........oh yeah you bet your ass this is to be continued........

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