Real Life or Internet Life?

Hello! It's time for a new survey. This time, it's net life vs. real life, whats better/worse and why? Please send in your opinion, everything will be posted!

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its me, meg...and i have a strong opinion for this survey! ;-)

okay...well first of all, both real life and interent life have their ups and downs...the ironic thing is, for some people, internet life IS their real life.

so the story begins...

i used to be addicted to this thing. on it all the time. when i got home from school, turn it on. stayed on until toooo late at night, went to bed exhausted. woke up, got on to check email, went to school, and the cycle continued. then soccer started, but as soon as i was home from soccer, id be on here. my grades suffered, partly because the courses WERE much more difficult, but also because i devoted my time to this instead of schoolwork. luckily i brought everything back up, so im okay for colleges. ANYway, it becomes addicting. you put your *real life* on the back burner to chat on here, or do whatever you do. for me it was chatting. dont get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with chatting... you just cant take it too far. like i did. i met some wonderful, wonderful people on here. and then there were some others, who i chatted with etc etc. it got my mind off of things, like an escape from the real world. my friendship with my best friend, jess, suffered tremendously. given, she changed too, i didnt want to hang out as much, because i was on here. but now that has all changed. im hardly ever on here, unless im really bored and have nothing to do. well, i email a lot, but chatting is not as *important* as it used to be. this is my senior year, and im doing things i never would do if i didnt get *un-addicted* to this. im hanging out with friends all the time, jess and is friendship is better than ever. this is the most fun and flirtatious year, and it makes me sad to know that i could be missing it all if i was still on here all the time.

life is too short to sit around in fornt of a computer all the time. you can miss out on so much. i dont think the internet can be compared to real life, because anything you do is your matter how you do it. the internet is in fact an aspect of my life; but so is hanging out with friends, talking on the phone, shopping, and what have you. they are all interchanging...

so thats what i think! =) now if youll excuse me, i have to go pick up nick to go to philadelphia...something i wouldnt have done a few months ago! my day would have been spent chatting...which proves my point. dont get so involved you miss out on the essence of life.