by "The Iceman" Michael Langley

There's one thing in life that I find that people take more for granted then anything and that is friendship. Something that I have found in real life and here in the rooms is that no matter who you trust, no matter who you care about, no matter what you do, no friendship is going to last forever if you don't value it enough. And I don't care if you are some big hacker or someone who thinks that everybody can't live without him/her, someday if you keep taking friendship for granted you're going to be alone with no one there to care about you, love you, or wipe the tears from your eyes when you feel upset.

Here in Century I've lost so many people who I care about because I took their friendship for granted and now every night when it gets real late, I will either go outside and look at the stars or lay in my bed with that feeling that you've lost everyone and I'll tell you right now it's the worst feeling in the world and I sincerely hope that none of you ever feel it. Some of you out there may know what my past has been like so some of you know that I've gone through a lot on both the net and in real life but one motto that I've always lived by is that pain can be controlled if you just disconnect it and it took 16 years to be able to get that ability to just disconnect anything bad that happens to me and I know most of you just can't do that so that is why it is even more important for each and every one of you to value your friends.

Whether you hated me in the past, disliked me, or at one time were my friend, you all know that deep down inside I meant well but because I took friendship for granted it's something that I have lost in about everyone in my life. I know that some of you may not believe that this could ever happen to you but think for a moment on if you ever lost a friend in the past or if it's never happened to you, imagine what it would feel like and if that happened to every friend that you have, what would your feelings be if you had any at all? I don't care if you think that this column is pointless or if you think I am stupid for writing it because I have nothing to lose by writing it since I've already lost it, you the reader though have something to lose by not listening to it. Please everyone, don't ever take friendship for granted because you may not believe it, but it is the most important thing in the world.