I tried to act like everything was fine,
even though I knew inside nothing was.
Everything was crumbling down,
things happened just because.
  It didn't matter what I did,
every night was just the same.
This is the only way I could express myself,
when I starts to write, this just came.
  When he comes home at night,
he has a drink in his chair.
Only a few nights he'd fall asleep,
I can't believe it started as just a dare.
  When he doesn't fall asleep,
he gets up and throws everything around.
He'll do anything for a drink now,
he'll find any money there is to be found.
  There is only one thing he's done to me,
he threw me down a flight of stairs.
At the hospital I lied for him, 
but I don't think he even cares.
  Now it seems like all he does is drink,
it's his whole life.
Every time I see him, now he's got a beer,
It's like stabbing me with a knife.
  All he's doing is killing himself,
I love my dad, I really do.
Why did he start drinking,
if in the beggining he knew?
  He's in the hospital now, 
he needs a new liver.
I went to see him last night,
but all I could do was shiver.
  I went to his funeral today,
I cried the whole day.
I couldn't even look at his life-less body,
there was nothing I could say.
  After his funeral,
some friends took me to a bar,
I got into an accident,
and died in my father's car.
  I don't know why I drank that beer,
I guess it was to get back at him,
but now that I'm in heaven, 
everything looks so dim.
  I wish that I wouldn't have drank that day,
it was exactly what he did.
The only difference was,
he had a kid.
  I watched him drink every night,
I wonder if he thought I would start.
He knew it was hurting me,
it was ripping me apart.
  If you have a drinking problem, 
please don't let this happen again.
You are probably hurting someone besides yourself,
please don't end up like him.