The Decision

            Today I face one of the hardest decisions I will ever have make in my
            A decision that before today would only take one answer,
            The right one.

            Inside me a little life is blooming with it's fate in my hands,
            Here I have somethingI created,
            Something many people do without,
            And strive for this delicate happinesss.

            The decisionI make will be an everyday though,
            Did I make the right choice?
            It could mean the worst pain inflicted upon a mother,
            Or the greatest joy in her life.

            Imagine that beautiful baby,
            Little hands that reach out for the security of mommy,
            Tiny feet that take their first steps,
            Eyes that fill with tears,
            A smile that no matter what the situation can never be overlooked.

            I should only think of my baby inside of me first,
            But I can't help to think of the things my youth will be deprived of,
            Am I being selfish?
            After all this baby didn't ask to be brought into this world.

            I will go through life wondering if my baby was a girl or boy,
            Will it have my eyes,
            Hopefully not my nose,
            Will I have a petite little girl which has been my dream,
            Or a rough little boy.

            All thse questions,
            But no easy answers,
            I only ask that God helps me make the right decision,
            And that he gives me the strength to live with it.

            For my little baby inside of me:
            What ever the decision,
            Always know that I will love you with all my heart and I never meant to
            hurt you.

            For my beautiful son Devan Scott Hill