Penny Lynn Patricia Phillips. You have won $1,000,000

Thats right Penny, you have won one millions dollars.

So stand up. Cheer, and scream your Carbondale born and rasied brains out. You're a freakin millionaire!

You were officially declared the winner of Holiday Inn's Gen X Contest. What this means is not only are you financially secure for the rest of your life, but you represent your youthful generation and millions of other young people your age.

Holiday Inn is proud to have you represent them as our winner and we hope you will accpet this gracious and prestigious prize. To claim your prize just call 1-800-328-4475 and type in your social security number as your pin number.

We look forward to meeting with you and cutting the television promtional commercials you agreed to in registering for this contest.

We hope you enjoy your new rich lifestyle!

Richard Sindalin
-Holiday Inn Promotional Administrator